1. The competition is organized by Estee Lauder Hellas SA, (Tzavella 67 and Mesogeion, Chalandri) legally represented, VAT NUMBER 099877197 known as "Organizer" or "Estee Lauder Hellas" according to the following terms.

2. The company organizes promotions through the page, https://www.instagram.com/maccosmeticsgreece/ on Instagram, in which it invites users to participate with their Instagram Public Profile that they already have created.

3. To participate in the competition users need to follow the procedure below in the social media Instagram:

  • Step 1: The participant follows the maccosmeticsgreece page on Instagram and mentions the Instagram Public Profile of two of his/her friends on the post made in the personal profile of Shopranoblog, (Chrisyanna Andriopoulou).
  • Step 2: The participant uses the following hashtag: #MACSnowball in his/her comment on the influencer’s post (Shopranoblog, Chrisyanna Andriopoulou).

Every participant should follow the steps above to qualify for participation. Then, the above influencer will perform a draw among the valid participants and declare one (1) lucky winner. If for any reason any of the influencers cannot declare the lucky winner then the “Organizer” has the right to declare a lucky winner.

4. Duration of the Contest. The contest will run from Friday 8/12/2017 until Wednesday 13/12/2017.

5. Definition of Valid Participation. Valid Participation is defined as any participation that will have followed the above 2 instructions within the time period defined by the "Organizer".

6. Winners. After the end of the competition and in particular within five (5) days, one (1) lucky winner will be announced via a draw that will be carried out by Shopranoblog. Each user can only win once in the contest even if he/she takes part in the posts of all Influencers.

7. Announcement of Winners. The one (1) lucky winner will be announced on Friday 15/12/2017 through the maccosmeticsgreece account on Instagram and through the following Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/shopranoblog/?hl=en

8. Winners Acceptance. Confirmation of acceptance of the gift is required by sending a private message to the maccosmeticsgreece page on Instagram of M·A·C Cosmetics, https://www.instagram.com/maccosmeticsgreece/. If the winner cannot be contacted for any reason for up to seven (7) business days from the date of the winner's appearance (including cases of force majeure), then the “Organizer” is relieved of any obligation towards the winner.

9. Contact About the Competition. Participants can contact through a private message on the Instagram page of M·A·C COSMETICS, https://www.instagram.com/maccosmeticsgreece/

10. Gift Of the Contest. The winner will win the following gift: One (1) Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit.

The gift of M·A·C COSMETICS will be delivered to the winners' address, within Greece. The “Organizer” reserves the right to request the required documents for delivering the gift.

Formal Declaration - Consent - Acceptance on the part of the participants

All participants can take part in the competition if they have completed their 18th birthday and have full legal capacity. The minors over 16, who have the consent of their parents, are also eligible to participate in the competition. The “Organizer” reserves the right to seek written consent from parental care at any stage of the competition and to exclude anyone who does not. Estee Lauder Hellas A.E. employees are excluded, as well as relatives of the first (A) degree and their spouses. All Participants to the Program/Competition accept without any reservation the present Terms of Use / Participation. If someone does not accept these terms, they should not participate in the Program.

Also, all participants recognize, declare and accept expressly and unreservedly that:

  • (a) Their personal details in this promotion are not owned by a third natural or legal person, but by themselves.
  • (b) Participating in this action it is presumed that each participant guarantees and is responsible for the posting and its content.
  • (c) By participating in this competition, each participant expressly and unreservedly consents to and transfers to the Promoter/Organization without any consideration any right to the posting and waives any claim arising from such posting or, in the alternative, for any claim made by a third party.
  • (d) The Promoter/Organization is not responsible for any further use of the post or comments by the participants themselves or a third party.
  • (e) Their personality is not offended or diminished in any way by their participation in the promotional action of the Promoter/Organization in which they will participate with their personal data as published in their profile on Facebook and / or Instagram. (f) Do not offend personal data or the right of personality of any third party.
  • (g) Do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party (i) expressly consent to the use and processing of the Personal Information (name, telephone, e-mail address) for the purpose of serving the Competition.
  • (h) Provide their consent and authorization to the Promoter/Organization to display the Contest and its results through the printed and electronic press and the Internet throughout its duration without any remuneration or further request. The Promoter/Organization reserves the right to use and publish any news item related to the Contest. In the event of a refusal to publishing in violation of the above, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the participation.
Personal Data - Statement of Consent - Concerning the Organizer

The participation of each person in the Competition constitutes an unconditional consent to the use of his / her data for the establishment of a personal data file by the Promoter in the competition and for promotional purposes. In any case personal data will be kept in accordance with Law 2472/1997, as in force, and the Decisions and Guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Authority. Participants will have access to the confirmation, modification or deletion of their records kept under the terms of Law 2472/1997, as in force, by contacting the company at 21 0678 6100.

The terms are governed by Greek law and any dispute regarding the promotion and the conditions of participation in it is settled by Greek law in the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens.

The “Organizer” has the right to cancel the contest, modify its terms, shorten or extend its duration, change the offered prizes with equal or less value during the promotional campaign without further notice, at its absolute discretion with a simple post at http://www.maccosmetics.gr/ or https://www.instagram.com/maccosmeticsgreece/. Participation in the contest implies knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the conditions of participation as well as the consequent waiving of any relevant claim against the Promoter. These terms have been posted on the M·A·C COSMETICS page at http://www.maccosmetics.gr/.